10 Anti- Aging Foods To Make You Look Much Younger


We all want to look younger than we are and live as long as possible which is the reason for the topic about to be disccussed.

Your skin is the first organ of your body to show internal troubles. If you have feed your body with good nutrition such as antioxidants, healthy fats, water, vitamins, and other micronutrients, your body will show appreciation through its largest organ – skin.

Since skin aging starts from the inside out, you should take care of your diet first. Of course, proper food is the key factor to prevent skin aging but other lifestyle factors like sun protection and your skin protection regimen are also should be considered. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are essentials to help to reverse the signs of aging.

Anti-aging foods mainly contain various vitamins, ellagic acid, and natural collagen boosters. Collagen is found in the middle layer of your skin which helps to skin fullness and plumpness. As age increases, collagen gets depleted but eating good food helps your skin to glow and radiant naturally. Foods rich in vitamin C will help to reduce the signs of skin aging.

 Here is a list of anti-aging foods that can help you stay young. … and reduce fine lines, thus making your skin look young, healthy, and hydrated.


Broccoli is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties! It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K that are the best anti-wrinkle antioxidants. Your body needs vitamin C to synthesis collagen which is the skin’s support system. Try to eat broccoli raw or steamed for better results. You can add it to salads or soups. It is high in fibers and calcium too.


Seemingly unassuming but sweet potatoes are very beneficial for skin health. It is loaded with vitamin A which helps you to fight off fine lines and wrinkles by revitalizing damaged collagen. Eating sweet potatoes and other foods rich in vitamin A can also give you a lovely glow. 


Avocados are the most delicious fruit we have with multiple nutrients. Avocados are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that can nourish your skin and prevent dryness. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory to keep your immune system functioning properly.

The lutein and zeaxanthin in the fruit may help to protect your skin from UV damage. It is also full of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K which helps your skin to glow and look gorgeous. 


Tomato and tomato juice are high in lycopene, a natural carotenoid that protects skin against sun rays. 

5.) NUTS

Nuts are packed with various nutrients such as proteins, vitamin E, essential oils, minerals, and antioxidants. Almonds and walnuts are full of vitamin E which are very helpful to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Vitamin E also helps to strengthen your skin and give a glow.


Kale is excellent for combating tired skin and dark under-eye shadows that can add years to your appearance. These leafy greens are packed with vitamin K to improve skin cell regrowth for a fresh complexion and are high in iron to prevent tried looking eyes.


Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, carrots can help turn back the aging clock by reversing sun damage and combating hair loss. Their high vitamin A content helps regenerate skin cells by boosting collagen while vitamin C improves blood circulation to the scalp for thicker, longer and stronger hair.


For a clearer complexion and healthier hair, add almonds to your shopping list. High in vitamin E, these nuts have been proven to soften and hydrate the skin while protecting it from the sun’s damaging UV rays. They’re also packed with Omega-6 fatty acids, which help plump out the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


These wrinkle-fighting fruits are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which boost collagen production and keeps the skin plump. They’re also an excellent source of ellagic acid to protect against UV rays.


Bell peppers – especially the red, orange and yellow ones – reign supreme in the war against wrinkles. They’re full of antioxidants to ward off sun damage and just half a cup will give you than your 100% recommended daily intake of superstar skincare ingredient vitamin C.

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