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12-year-old Boy Allegedly Beaten To Death For Refusing To Join Cult

A man on Twitter Perrison Oromoni has described the horrific incident that led to the tragic death of his 12-year-old cousin yesterday.

It has been reported that the boy was a student of Dowen College in Lagos, a boarding institution. Oromoni has accused the school of negligence as his cousin was allegedly beaten to death by his peers for refusing to join a cult group.

Writing on his twitter account Oromoni shared a picture of his little cousin with the caption.

“This is my 12-year-old cousin that was beaten to death at a school that cost over one million naira.

“Yes o. they tried to put him in cult, he refused and they killed him. Secondary school o. he refused to blend and they literally beat him to death.

“They called my uncle that he got injured playing football. Reaching the hospital, it was confirmed that he was being bullied and beaten up causing internal damages”.

Before passing away the little boy mentioned five names from his school, this Oromoni disclosed.

“Anybody that can kill me should kill me now, my brother won’t die for nothing. Anslem, Temile, Michael Kashamu, and Benjamin Favor and Dowen College, just know he called your names before he died”.

As of the time of this report Dowen College is yet to react to this allegation, as they turned off the comment section of their official Instagram account.


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