3 Amazing Health Benefits Of Agbalumo

Udara in igbo Language

The English name for this fruit is called The African Star Apple but is commonly called Agbalumo in Yoruba Language and Udara in igbo Language.

This fruit has amazing health benefits and being a seasonal fruit that is usually out during the dry season between December to April, its benefits goes on and on with the sweet milky juice that comes out of it to its thick chewable skin that can be chewed till it forms a chewing gum. *wink*

Let me educate you on some of its health benefits you never thought of:

1.) It is Very Rich In Vitamins C

Agbalumo/ Udara is very rich in Vitamin C which helps boost your immune system which helps in preventing wrinkled skin and eye diseases. It is also very useful in preventing toothache and gum diseases.

2.) Aids Weight Loss

Agbalumo contains very little calories which makes it an ideal fruit for those having weight issues. Studies show it that this fruit aids weight loss.

3.) Helps Pregnant Women

Depending on the body system of every woman, there are some women who when pregnant want to vomit or rather vomit very frequently. This fruit helps pregnant women as the acidic nature of the fruit halts the urge to always want to vomit.

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