3 Streets In Lagos That Operate Round The Clock

Lagos State

Lagos is the most populous city in Lagos State, Nigeria as a whole, and the continent of Africa and its nightlife is an attraction of its own as the city comes alive after dark, wearing a new look.

At any time you need anything and its really late, this streets are ideal for you as its people never sleep.

1.) Admiralty Way

Lekki has emerged as one of the major commercial hubs not just on the island, but the entire Lagos, and Admiralty way is the king of the region.

Visit this street at night and see the amount of businesses and services that run around the clock.

2.) Allen Avenue, Ikeja

Allen Avenue is a popular Street in Ikeja Lagos, In the day it is a busy high net worth business district with almost all Nigerian banks and telecommunication, while at night its arguably the red light district of Lagos .

3.) Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island

Adeola Odeku is one of the most popular areas in Victoria Island. The neighbourhood possesses a serene atmosphere and it is the hub of a lot of thriving medium and large scale businesses and its boasts of several restaurants, stores and hangout spots.

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