3 Types Of Women That Can Ruin A Man’s Destiny


It is very important for men to check and weigh things in life first before rushing into relationships.

Often times, young men don’t check the directions they are heading to before asking just any girl out. First, understand the principles of life before starting a relationship. being in a haste just to meet up to social trends is suicidal.

Relationships are meant for mature minds, and if you don’t the 3 marks of mature man which are compassion, generosity and gentleness, then you are not ready for a relationship.

The fact that she is beautiful looking, with a good shape and height doesnt mean she is good enough for you. There are thousands of women out there working against the good of men spiritually, positioned to destroy destinies.

As a man, you are born for greatness, you are born to lead and the role of a woman is to bring that ruling part of you into the limelight.

However, i will discuss 3 types of women that are poisonous to the destinies of men.(In my opinion)

1.) Gossiping Women

Any woman who derives pleasure in gossipping has no secret at all. She shares every information you both have in secret with the people she gossips with.

Such a woman would sell your dreams and plans to evil people knowingly or unknowingly who can in turn manipulate you spiritually.

2.) Fornicators

A woman who sleeps around and cannot stick to you as a man is a destiny destroyer. She shares herself and thereby circulates bad spirits among the men she sleeps around with.

These in turn affects these men in different ways and if you are not spirit-filled enough, your destiny would be tempered with.

3.) Ungodly Women

What an ungodly woman would only achieve for you as a man is to make you trend with the world because she lives and is of the world and thinks of only things of the world.

A woman without a good spiritual build-up is not fit for a young man who desires to start a good life. When you romance the devil, he takes away things that are good and gives you the gifts of evil which are setbacks in life.

A woman who who cares only about club, party, hangouts in hotels and other of these kinds of places has no room for God and once there is no God in any relationshipit is ruled by the devil directly or indirectly.

So in my opinion, i believe and want to encourage all men to take a deeper look into the kinds of women they associate with as every man has his own woman.

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