3 Ways To Know That You Are Bleaching Your Skin

Most times people get carried away with words like even-tone, skin lightening, skin toning, etc, and fall victim to buying bleaching creme.

In a world where beauty often only goes skin deep and light skin is perceived by many as more desirable, dark-skinned women find it more and more difficult to love and be comfortable in their own skin.

Skin bleaching or whitening has unfortunately become a common phenomenon in many countries. These products are used by women around the world in order to obtain blemish-free, lighter and brighter skin tones. Yet, many ignore the health warnings associated with using these often dangerous skin bleaching products.

So in this article, I will list out of 3 ways to know you are bleaching your skin;

1.) If You Develop Some Allergic Reactions

If you purchase any creme, and you notice that your skin is turning pink or red, swelling and burning, itching skin, visibly red veins, and hives or your skin looks pale, dry, and scaly, that is a fairly good indication that you bought a bleaching cream.

2.) If It Contains These Particular Ingredients

Whenever you buy a creme and you notice on the body or pack that it contains the following ingredients: hydroquinone, mercury, cysteamine and dermocorticoids, know that you bought a bleaching creme.

Others like kojic acid and retinol should be used sparingly and discontinued if any reaction occurs.

3.) When You Experience A Blue-Black Discoloration ( Melasma) On Parts Of Your Body

This discoloration occurs on various parts of the body including  your body and your face.

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