3 Weird Cultures In The World You Probably Have Not Heard Of

As we all know every tribe and race has its own unique culture, but then there are some I will term as weird because they are practically unthinkable.

You might think you have heard of weird things but I promise you this will blow your minds of as these cultures seem to be really weird but are still practiced in some parts of the World.

In this article, I will tell you about 3 of them;

1.) Indonesia- Living With The Dead

Normally when a person or loved one dies, he is buried right?

But for some ethnic groups in Indonesia, they wrap the deceased up in special garbs and keep it safe in the house they live in. It is believed that the soul of their loved ones will be preserved until burial.

2.) India- Throwing Babies

Hmm, wait till you hear this.

Now people in Solapur village, Maharashtra, India, toss newborn babies off from the terrace of 50ft tower. There are people at the foot of the tower holding sheets to catch the baby safely. It is believed that this gives their children good luck, long and healthy life.

3.) China- Carrying Women on Hot Coals

A husband in the Chinese culture should carry his bride over a pan of burning coals before entering their home for the very first time.

Myth says that this strange custom is performed to ensure she will have an easy and successful labour.


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