3-Year-Old Baby Accidentally Shot, Kills Mother

A three-year-old boy who was playing with a gun in the suburbs of Chicago has accidentally shot and killed his mother.

According to the police the tragedy happened on Saturday evening in the parking lot of a supermarket in Dolton, a suburb of the Midwestern city.

It was gathered that the child was sitting in the back of a car, with his parents in the front. Unfortunately, no one knew how he managed to get his hands on his father’s pistol.

 According to the reports, the child “began playing with it inside the car. At some point, the child pulled the trigger,” local police chief Robert Collins.

His mother, Dejah Bennett, 22, was shot in the back of the neck. She was rushed to a Chicago hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The father was thereafter taken into custody, while police investigated whether he possessed the gun legally.


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