4 Things To Be Aware Of Before Kissing Anyone


To most people the universal way of displaying affection is by kissing. Kissing someone could either be a peck, or a long mouth to mouth kiss.

There are several other ways to show affection, because an intimate kiss with a stranger for 10 seconds can transmit up to 80 million bacteria and this is because exchange of saliva takes place.

i will list out 4 possible disease that are easily transferred through kissing:

1.) Can Lead To Cavities

If your partner has a dental plaque and cavities and you engage in an intimate kiss without knowing, you are automatically exposed to the bacteria. The funny part of it is that even with this cavities, your partners breath can still be super fresh.

2.) Can Lead To Cold Sores

Cold sores is an infection caused by herpes and this is a virus that appears as fluid-filled blisters around the mouth. Take note that this herpes virus can still be transmitted to you whether or not the sores are visible on your partners lips.

3.) Can Lead To Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Bacteria’s that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases can also be transmitted through saliva.

4.) Can Expose To Blood Borne Diseases Like HIV

HIV is merely transmitted through sexual intercourse, semen, vaginal fluids etc, it can also be transmitted through kissing in the sense that if your partner is sore in the mouth which bled abit either when they brushed so hard or flossed so hard.

At that point kissing your partner exposes you to HIV transmission because his/her mouth might still be bleeding or fresh from the sore.

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