4 Types Of Men That Are Not Common( My Opinion)

types of men

With the way things are going generally, everyone is so sceptical about getting into a relationship, in the sense that most women now are so scared on the kind of men they would get married to.

You see alot of men pretend these days to be caring, loving, spiritual and so on, but immediately after marriage things would change drastically.

Alot of marriages are not what they portray outside, women are dying slowly. Women desire some kind of men for example if you ask any woman her kind of man, she always has something to say.

For your information there are still men with a heart of Gold, who care so much and genuinely too.

In this article i will list out 4 kinds of men that are rare, and if found, should be held close and appreciated

1.) A Truly Spiritual Man

There is a difference btw a spiritual man and a man who only pretends to be spiritual. A spiritual man fears God and there are some things that would never cross his mind towards you or your relationship or marriage to him.

He is one you will be rest assured you are safe with and have a future with. Food , sex, money does not keep a family together, but a prayerful man and women is the key to a successful union.

2.) A Man Who Will Love And Take You As You Are

There are different ways to this and that is why most women feel so insecure about themselves this days. Some women think a man would only like them if their shapes are all curved with some extra flesh but most times men don’t look at those to know who they are compatible with.

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A man who loves you, loves everything about you and does not see wrongs.

3.) A Man Who Will Seek Your Opinion First

Hmm, this is a very interesting part, trust me any man that seeks your opinion before he takes any decision really loves you. They exist but are really rare.

4.) A Man Who Loves To Encourage You

To find you a man who will encourage you when you are down or when you need some encouraging words are rare to find because most men are so selfish and are just after what they can get or achieve through you. But a man who would stick by you with encouraging words is a gift


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