49-Year-Old Woman Marries Her Cat To Get Over Pet-Hating Landlords

A 49-year-old woman, Deborah Hodge, reportedly got married to her cat to stop heartless landlords from forcing her to give her up.

After Deborah lost her job as a life coach last month, she was scared of being forced to give up her lovely cat; India.

Deborah knew that If she couldn’t keep up with the rent, she would be dismissed from the building, and she’ll have to start looking for a pet-friendly landlord all over again.

That’s when the mother of two realized that getting married would show any potential landlord how important it is for them to stay together.

The woman marries her cat in a civil wedding officiated by a friend who is a legally ordained minister.

For the big day, the five-year-old cat was dressed in gold lamé and meowed her vows in front of Deborah’s family and friends in a park in south-east London.

’ Deborah, the unemployed mother said, ‘India is really the most important thing in my life after my children,

‘By marrying India, I’m informing any future landlords that we’re a package deal, and we can’t be separated under any circumstances because she’s as important to me as the kids.’

Deborah was forced to give up her two dogs in the past, Siri and Starshine, while living in her previous apartment, after her landlord threatened to send her packing.

After moving to her current home five years ago, her landlord ordered her to give up her former cat, Jamal, or she should leave the building.

She said: ‘It absolutely broke my heart, pets become part of your family and it was just absolutely devastating having to say goodbye to them.’

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Deborah begged to be allowed to have another cat and after countless emails, her landlord finally agreed.

India joined Deborah and her two children in 2017 and quickly became a beloved pet.


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