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5 Commonly Used Drugs That Could Be Killing Your Sexual Live

There are five common drugs that could be killing your sexual sexual live, So many people think that there sex drive reduces when they are getting to a certain age in life while being ignorant of of this dangerous medications contributing to their decline in sexual urge.

Your sex drive doesn’t just decline when you reach a certain age as the belief of some people

If you are losing your sexual drive in your 4o’s, 50’s or even in your 60’s, then you need to do a thorough check on your medications (Drugs usage) both Herbal and Medical.


The number of persons with drug induced sexual dysfunction has risen simultaneously with the unending increase in the number of commercially available drugs. Sexual dysfunction may seriously impair the human psyche. Patients do not often admit to sexual dysfunction, however, so physicians often miss the symptoms entirely.

Drugs disrupt all 3 neurophysiologic phases of sexual response (desire, excitement, and orgasm), especially in men, either causing a decrease or loss of libido, impotence (the most common symptom), or failure of ejaculation or anorgasmia.

 Antihypertensive drugs have a higher frequency of causing sexual dysfunction, particularly impotence, than other drugs. Some also induce or worsen depression that can in turn cause or intensify sexual dysfunction. Both legal and illegal psychoactive drugs act on multiple sites thus often stimulating sexual dysfunction. Further, some hormonal drugs also induce sexual side effects, such as norethindrone and progesterone.

5 Common Drugs That Could Be Killing Your Sexual Life

Here are five common drugs that could be killing your sexual performance.

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Physicians who prescribe a drug associated with sexual side effects should inform patients about their possible occurrence and recommend that they be aware of the symptoms. They should ask these patients do not usually offer this information themselves. If sexual dysfunction develops, physicians can reduce the dosage or switch to an alternative drug. At that time, they should express optimism that the sexual dysfunction will cease.

Pain Relieving Drugs

Person in pain (

Almost 30% of young Men and Women take an opioid pain medication like hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Vicodin), Oxycodone (Oxycontin), or oxycodone hydrocloride for over six months, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH).

If you need relief from body pains in general, do consult a doctor if you do not have one and tell them how you feel, they should know the right medication to prescribe.

While you may be tempted to ditch your medical needs all by yourself, its not advisable. Depression itself is well know sex drive killer.


antihistamine pills (

If you lose that loving feeling during seasonal allergy season, you may assume its simply because your sneezing and stuffed-up nose. But the truth is that OTC or prescription antihistamines might be the actual cause.

This drugs dry you out everywhere, including you Vigina as a woman. They also make you feel sleepy, so you’re less likely to be in the mood for sex. For solution, talk your Doctor to tell you the right time to take this medications.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills (

Many women go on Birth Pills during perimenopause to help relieve symptoms such as hot flashes and headaches.

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But about a third of those taking oral contraceptives report problems with sexual functioning, including trouble orgasming, decreased desire, and pain during sex, according to a 2010 German study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. (Sex shouldn’t be painful. Here’s what can help, from Prevention Premium.) Oral contraceptives “increase levels of sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which drops the amount of testosterone that’s circulating freely in your bloodstream.

Heart Medications

heart medications

Over Millions of people with heart failure report that sexual problems reduce their quality of life. Many heart medications can cause sexual issues, including decreased libido. Digoxinspironolactone (Aldactone) and thiazide diuretics like chlorthalidone and hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) are all known offenders. Heart failure doesn’t have to impair your sex life so ask your doctor about other options here if you are having issues.

Blood Pressure Reducers

Clonidine; is a sympathetic blocker that comes in a patch (Catapres) or pill and is often used to lower blood pressure. Again, you have other options for blood pressure so if you are experiencing sexual side effects, go and speak to a qualified medical Doctor if you don’t have one.


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