5 Immigration officers lands in Borno, Yobe, others as punishment for participating in ”don’t rush challenge”


Five female employees of Nigerian Immigration Services who participated in Falzthebahdguy’s Don’t Rush Challenge Punished With Redeployment to Borno ,Yobo ,Others

Five female officers of the Nigeria Immigration Service have been punitively redeployed after they participated in a viral video challenge in their uniforms, according to SaharaReporter
The ladies, Priscilla Irabor, Catherine J. Bakura, Blessing Alfred Udida, Binti I. Attabor and Ockiya Eneni had recorded themselves participating in the “Bop Daddy” challenge.
Early in April, the NIS in a disciplinary memo asked the women to explain why the should not be subjected to punishment for allegedly violating the agency’s internal code.

In a new memo, the service transferred Irabor from the Lagos to Kano, Attabor was posted from Abuja to Yobe, Udida from Abuja to the Akwa Ibom, Bakura from Abuja to Rivers, while Eneni was moved from the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card production facility to the Borno State. .
The agency also stated that the relocation will be at the expense of the affected female officers involved and must be done within seven days, despite the interstate lockdown and closure of airports due to the outbreak of Covid-19

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