5 Important Things To Do Before You Hit The Gym Daily


It is very important you know and understand the things you need to do before and after every workout session, so that you’ll know how to make your fitness routine work for you.

Whether you’re working out for a physical or mental balance, you need your routines to be as beneficial and effective as possible.

If you’re after workout results, what you do in the gym definitely matters, but what you do before and after your time in the gym is key, too. While actually getting to the gym is the biggest hurdle, once you’ve got that mastered, there are many ways you can maximize the results you’re seeing from your workouts.

However, i will list out 5 very important things you should do in the mornings before you hit the gym.


The only time your body gets to fully rest is when you sleep. Your body automatically goes to recovery mode when you sleep.

You must get enough and quality sleep, so you’re energized to the point that you can go through your routines without any hurdles. If you can’t do 7-8 hours, 6 hours is still manageable.

Ensure you don’t show up at the gym without adequate sleep a night before.


Make sure you fill up your stomach with good food before you hit the gym. If you workout on an empty stomach, your body gets the energy it needs to sustain itself during the workout by burning your muscle mass.

We know that’s not what you want. You want to build your body mass not burn it.

Ensure you eat 1-2 hours before you start your exercises. You’re not eating to be full, just something light to supply your body energy.


The importance of getting hydrated can never be overemphasized. Drinking water is very crucial to your workout. Remember you’re sweating it out in the gym, you need to replace the moisture that was lost while exercising.

Being hydrated helps to maintain your energy levels while you’re working out.


Wearing the right outfits is very important as your fitness routine might involve jumping, stretching, running, and getting into certain poses and positions that have nothing to do with your athletic qualities.


It’s crucial to prep your body for the workout that lies ahead so you can perform to your max. A dynamic warmup will increase core temperature, facilitate blood flow to your muscles, reduce risk of injury and prepare your body to move well.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective, either. A simple dynamic warmup might consist of skipping, jogging forward and backward, carioca sideways, bear crawl forward and backward, world’s greatest stretch and short, high-tension planks to fire up your core. You want to break a light sweat, so 5–7 minutes may be all you need.”

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