5 Shocking Health Benefits Of Charcoal

On a normal, most people just see charcoal as a tool/option for cooking and have never really thought if it has any specific health benefits to human beings.

Charcoal is a refined, odorless black substance. It can be made from other sources apart from wood sources like; coconut shell, sawdust, and peat. It can also be made into different forms, powder or paste form.

In this article, I will list out 5 very shocking benefits of the underrated ‘charcoal’.

1.) It Helps To Whiten The Teeth

A major benefit of refined charcoal is the whitening of teeth. Many teeth whitening products are made up of activated charcoal. These products have various benefits such as antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. These benefits prevent teeth discolouration, gum inflammation e.t.c.All of which are healthy for the teeth.

2.) It Terminates Body Odour

Do you know anybody with a strong body odour?

Then,this might be one of the solutions you should prescribe, Just make a charcoal powder and use. Charcoal is very good to get rid of the bad smell.

3.) It Keeps Vegetables Fresh

Do you throw away vegetables very often because they get spoilt or don’t look fresh after awhile? You don’t have to anymore because making a charcoal past and applying on your vegetables helps to maintain its freshness.

4.) To Terminate Freezer Or Refridgerator Smell

Most times because of the mixture of things we put in our refrigerator or freezers, we realise there is an offensive smell, either from the mixture or from some food item staying too long in the freezers.

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When you notice this, just put a piece of charcoal in the freezer or refrigerator and this clears the bad smell.

5.) It Clears Pimples, Acne, Or Skin Disease

To get rid of stturborn pimples, acne, the best remedy is the charcoal solution.

Just make a charcoal paste, Make a thick solution and apply it on your body and leave it for a few hours before taking your bath. It will leave your skin fresh and fresh.


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