5 Things You Never Knew About The Babur Bura People

Babur Bura

The Babur Bura people are a people who are said to have migrated  from Yemen via Sudan through the Chad Basin [Kanem of Borno region] to the present Babur Bura land in Borno and Adamawa state.

These people can only be found in Borno State and in the Following Local Government Areas; Biu, Hawul, Kwaya kusar, Shani and Bayo while in Adamawa State, they reside mainly in Garkida in Gombi Local Government Area. Famous Babur Bura villages and towns includes Biu, Garkida ,Kwajaffa ,Sakwa, Marama, Shaffa, Wandali, Kida, Miringa, Buratai, Zuwa, Yimirshika ,Hyera ,Dayar, Fumwa, Azare, Gwaski, Diragina, Yimana, Gwallam, Tiraku, Shindiffu, Goski, Pela Birni, Wangdang, Bula taw ewe, Kogu Tashan Alade, Kida, da hang shang etc.

However, i will list out 5 things you probably didn’t know about this set of people below;

1.) Once a female child is born, a suitor may propose by throwing a leafy branch of a certain tree into the mother’s hut. If he is accepted, he gives gifts as the girl grows up.

2.) Before the introduction of Christianity and Islam, they have their traditional religion known as Hyel or Hyel- taku.

3.) The Babur Bura language is linguistically classified as Afro-Asiatic, Chadic and Biu-Mandara.

4.) They are found in large numbers in Borno, Adamawa, Gombe and Yobe States.

5.) As a sign of respect, a man does not eat with his parents-in law

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