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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Nigerian Women Are Tired of Receiving

It’s Valentine’s season and everyone is either waiting to receive a gift or making plans to get someone else one.

Nigerian ladies use Valentine’s season to measure how much their boyfriend or partner loves them. Before you make any more plans, here’s a list of gifts Nigerian women are tired of receiving.

1. Movie date

If you are not buying out an entire cinema for just you two, don’t bother. Let the homegirl eat her cheap chocolate in the comfort of her house.

2. Silence


Some women get silent on Valentine’s Day. This could be because they are single with no partner prospects or their partner found a reason to fight with them at 11:58pm on the 13th of February. silent is not a gift to and fixed it up and buy that girl a gift.

3. Sex

Nigerian Movies GIFs | Tenor

We have sex every other day. Why is Valentine’s Day own special? My dear, put your wallet to good use and buy her a proper gift. Then you can use sex to top off the night.

 4. Flowers

Memes That Were Made For Nigerian Women | Zikoko!

Especially when it’s just flowers and not accompanied by anything else, like chocolates or an all-expense paid trip to another country so I can disappear when we get there and never return to Nigeria. Just flowers? What are we supposed to do with that? Cook soup?.

5. Reaffirmation

actress GIF | Bhala

Those cute, heartfelt messages are great, love, but where is your capitalism-endorsed proof that you love me? Miss us with that shit, abeg.








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