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5 Ways To Make Your Cooking Gas Last Longer

With the current rising cost of cooking gas, there are a few things you can do to make your cooking gas last longer.

Following these steps will help you reduce your monthly gas expenses and save money.

1. Make sure that your cooking pot bottom covers the flame

How to Prevent Cooking Pans from Turning Black over Flame? - World of Pans

Flames that spread beyond the bottom of the pot produce heat that escapes the pot. The heat that is not absorbed by the pot and its contents is a waste.

2. Use metal-made cooking pans and pots

Common metals in pots, pans have varied cooking qualities

Metals such as stainless steel are good conductors of heat. For cooking to occur, heat generated in the flame must reach the food, so pans made of good heat conductors are more efficient.

3. Match your pot to the right burner

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There is a reason why some gas cookers have multiple burners of different sizes. If you’re cooking in a big pot, use the big burner, and if it is a small pot, use the smallest burner. This way, the amount of gas burned will be equal to the size of the burner. Using small pots on a big burner will only be a waste of cooking gas.

4. Keep your cooking pots’ outer surfaces clean and shining

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An uncleaned, black, and soot-stained outer cooking pot surface will reduce the pot’s ability to conduct heat. This will prolong cooking and burn more gas.

5. Regularly maintain and service your gas tank and stove

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To ensure safety and to maximize your cooking gas, regularly check and service the regulator, as well as check the pipes or hoses for blockages and leaks. To avoid wastage, always make sure that the regulator is switched off after cooking.

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