7 Countries With The World’s Youthful Leaders In Power

In every Country, there have/had been leaders who were voted into power at various ages.

However, there are some who have been nominated as youths between the ages of 30-45

In this article, I will list out 7 Countries that have youthful Leaders in power.

1.) Costa Rica:

Carlos Alvarado, a journalist, and former labor minister won elections to become president in May 2018, aged 38.

2.) Ireland:

Leo Varadkar became Ireland’s youngest prime minister in June 2017 aged 38. He now shares power as deputy leader of a coalition government and is due to be premier again next year.

3.) El Salvador:

Controversial populist President Nayib Bukele is 40, having been elected at 37.

4.) France:

The investment banker Emmanuel Macron became France’s youngest president in May 2017 at 39.

5.) Kosovo:

A woman leader, Vjosa Osmani, was elected president in April aged 38.

6.) Georgia:

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili was aged 38 when he came to power in February.

7.) Finland:

Premier Sanna Marin, is aged 36, and she got the top job in 2019 at the age of 34.

Recall she got into hot water last week for going to a disco despite being in contact with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19.


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