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7 Great Benefits Of Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, and it is usually solid and looks creamy or white.

It is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, salve, or lotion. Shea butter is edible and is used in food preparation in some African countries. 

Shea butter contains vitamins A, E, and F, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic fatty acids amongst other ingredients.

I will list out 7 amazing benefits of using shea butter.

1) It Prevents Wrinkling Of The Skin

It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By boosting collagen production and promoting new cell generation, shea butter may help reduce what researchers call photoaging — the wrinkles and fine lines that environmental stress and aging can create on skin.

2.) It Heals Stretch Marks

Shea butter stops keloid fibroblasts that cause scars and stretch marks from growing and this prevents scars and stretch marks.

3.) Reduces Dandruff In Hair

One of the causes of dandruff is a dry scalp. Shea butter reduces dryness in hair by providing the required moisture.

4.) It Moisturizes The Skin

The major use of shea butter is to moisturize the skin. It makes skin look smoother and glowing.

5.) It Heals Wounds

Shea butter causes wounds to be healed and reduce the appearance of the scar and the redness and swelling caused by insects


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