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Home NEWS A 5-year old Sierra-Leonean girl, Raped and Killed by her cousin.

A 5-year old Sierra-Leonean girl, Raped and Killed by her cousin.

In Sierra-Leone, a woman has been arrested along side her son, He raped his two young cousins living with them, leading to the death of one of the girls.

The beautiful 5-year-old Kadijah M. Saccoh and her sister were living with their aunt and her son in her home in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The victims parents were living apart. The father, saccoh a Congolese is lives in the U.S. and had been trying to take his daughter a U.S. citizen, with him to the U.S. but couldn’t because a Judge prevented him from doing so as the mother was not in support.

Kadijah 5-years old, her sister 8-years old were living with the older sister of their mum”aunt” and her son when their aunt son began raping them.

Allegedly when their aunt found out that they were raped by her son, she hid the truth from their parents and treated them, but unfortunately Kajijah did not survive the assault, she died in the process, yet again her aunt tried to bury her in a hurry after relaying her kajijah’s demise to her father’s family, taking permission to bury her fast, but the 5_years old father wanted to know the cause of the girls death.

Their father asked his family to take the corpse for a postmortem. The postmortem result showed that the girl was raped multiple times. The father then asked that his older daughter be taken for a test too and it showed that she had been raped too.

The Woman and her son have both been arrested. And on Monday Sierra-Leonel celebrities and other women took to the street in protest, demanding justice for the girls using hashtags 

#JusticeForKadijahSaccoh and #JusticeForKadijah.

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