Actress, Ini Edo, And Halima Abubakar Allegedly Ended Their Relationship Over Top Nigerian Politician

Actress, Ini Edo, And Halima Abubakar
Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, and Halima Abubakar have been accounted for to have broken their relationship because of the fracas that followed between the duo involving a top Nigerian government official.

As per a blogger recognized as Cutie_Julls, Ini Edo cut off associations with Halima after she was connected to a top Nigerian government official in the north.

Describing what occurred, the blogger composed:

“OK so this essence isn’t our business yet on a relaxed check whether what Ini did is correct.

We know how much Halimar praised Ini Edo for being there for her when she was sick and flew abroad for medical procedure.

So late last around November/December.. things got somewhat hard for Ini. You know with Coronavirus and so on most celebs weren’t bringing in sufficient cash and the way of life too should have been in any way kept up.

One thing without a doubt that mother is affirming to you is that you see Halimar? She is very much associated with all these top Northern politicians yet as she somewhat just has this daddy and daughter thing with them and mummy and daughter thing with their wives, they can’t do the knacking ish with her na. She simply doesn’t bring in cash from these associations cuz average Naija government officials don’t give cash with the exception of they are gbenzing So in the more awful case, she helps her female partners out. Notice how they are largely consistently on Halimar’s page parading counterfeit love yet will in any case go behind her and tattle abt her. They don’t welcome her to their social affairs cuz they say “she’s not my class”. Practically every one of them trust me. However, she is a similar individual who rescues them with her associations for the most part.

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So quick forward.. Halumar snared Ini with one rich Hausa government official around November. Simply the battle gbenzing, Sister Ini was given $10k. So as our sister saw that the gbola was worthwhile yet there were high odds of Halimar connecting some other young lady later on, Ini began reviling Halimar to the man however will in any case be framing “sister” to Halimar.

As Hausa man knows his Hausa sister/little girl.. The man unloaded Ini like junk. Ini was harmed cuz the man pays wella.

With respect to whether Halimar will interface Ini again to some other rich man, we heard that is future unthinkable tense.

So as of now, they are both cruising with the phony love online however behind the gram, trust me.. Na one eye dem dey take look one another. Ini thinks Halimar ruined the association however what she can be sure of is that Halimar did nothing of the sort even tho she didn’t give Halimar one kobo from all the cash she produced using the man. The man just disposes of her cuz of the things she enlightened the man regarding Halimar.

Nollywood young ladies.. fiam”

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Actress, Ini Edo, And Halima Abubakar

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