Adahzionblog Exclusive Video: No Poverty


Poverty is a universal fear which all hands has been on deck to completely eradicate from our community.

Facts and figures estimated that 736 million people still live in poverty. 10percent of the world popuilation lived in extreme poverty down from 36 percent 1n 1990. Some 1.3 million peopletill live inmultidimensional poverty.

Research shows that half of the people living in poverty are under 18. This and many more is the reason why the United Nations Organization placed top priorityon the total eradication of poverty.

In the 17 points agenda of the United Nations Organization “No Poverty” is on top of the list.

There are several opinions and editorials that have condemned Nigerian government over insensitivity to the total eradication of poverty from our countries. Yes! these are clear facts but fighting poverty is a collective effort. There are no good road, poor educational facilities, poor water system, poor electricity etc which all indications pointing to aided the spread of poverty in our community.

There should be a conscious effort made by peer groups, pressure groups, trade groups, charity groups, religious groups and most importantly the government to help sweep away poverty from our community.

Kayode Adeshina Rhymes

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