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Adam Oshiomhole speaks “on Victor Giadom” -During Online Tv interview.

Adam Oshiomhole, the  National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, who was suspended finally spoke on the leadership tussle in the party.

The Sunday 21st June Tv interview, Oshiomhole accused the former deputy national secretary Victor Giadom of trying to destroy the party the way his group destroyed APC in Rivers, Nigeria.

He announced that Giadom was no longer a member of the National Working Committee NWC of the party.

Adam oshiomole says, even if Giadom was a member, it would not be possible for a deputy National Secretary to superintend over the affairs of the party in the presence of other high ranking officials.

His reference to Rivers state was seen as a subtle attack against, Rotimi Amaechi the Minister of Transportation, whose battle of ascendancy with Sen. Magnus Abe leading to the disqualification of the APC, by the court from participating in the 2019 election.

chief Hon. Victor Giadom well known political protege of Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation. In his interview of Sunday,

Adam oshiomhole said: “My advice to my brother (Giadom) is about common sense. In the absence of the Chairman, there is nothing in our rules, and the courts can only interpret the rules of the party and the Constitution of Nigeria.

“I mean it serves to common sense that if the Chairman is absent, it should be the deputy. In the absence of the deputy, it is the vice chairman. How does the deputy secretary come in?

“As we speak, we have a Secretary sitting in the office working late hours to ensure that the secretariat functions.

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“I think that my brother, Victor Giadom wants to take our party to the root of Rivers state where they created so much problems that, as we speak today, in Rivers, we have crisis.

“My plea to them is that they should put God first and put our national party interest second and our democracy deep in their hearts and not try to use externalities to destabilise our party the way it has been destabilised in Rivers state.

“How can a deputy National Secretary, assuming he was still one, claim to be chairman?”, he continues,

Not-forgetting that the Natianal legal adviser, Babatunde Ogala faulted an alleged waiver granting Giadom to return to the NWC, after resigning to compete for  an office in the last general elections.

He dismissed all reports of crisis in the APC saying what is happening is just the handiwork of rascals.

He said; “There is nothing strange going on in the APC. The Press call crisis, I call it brigandage and rascality of one or two members of the 20-man NWC.

“Of course we have also heard about Giadom’s court order. We have never been served any order of court, that somebody, one of you, the lowest ranking NWC member has purportedly been asked to resume as acting National Chairman.

“We find it ridiculous because he has never served this process on us. We only saw it in the social media. So, as far as we are concerned, the party is running according to the provisions of our constitution notwithstanding the act of rascality of one member.

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“On waiver, going by the provisions of our constitution, to obtain a waiver is a process. You apply through your Ward, the LG, the State, the Zonal and to the NWC.

“So, it is a process in five steps. The National Chairman cannot give him a waiver without the Ward.

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