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All Gunmen Caught Over Attacks In Anambra Are Igbo – Governor Soludo Says

Governor of Anambra State Charles Soludo has given an update on the security situation in Anambra state.

Speaking in an interview on Channels Television on Sunday, September 18, the professor of economics and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said his administration has reduced insecurity in the state.

“Giving where things were when we came, we are not saying that Anambra is 100% secured … but everybody in Anambra – the 8.5 million residents of Anambra can testify to you that insecurity in Anambra has come down to the barest minimum.

“Fifteen camps (run by gunmen) here (have been) decimated. Even yesterday (Saturday), some other places (where) they were gathering were decimated; we have degraded their infrastructure and I don’t think they have the capacity again to come with the kind of ferocity they had in the past.

“Anambra has been relatively quiet and peaceful, and we are pursuing this agenda.

“I would dare to say that if we were to have the statistics over the last three months, I think Anambra will compare favorably as one of the safest comparatively”, he said.

On the identities of those arrested in connection with some of the attacks in the state.

“Let me be clear about it; 100% of the people we have caught are Igbos. It is not about some people invading from somewhere; it is 100% Igbos on Igbos, that is the fact,” Soludo said.


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