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All You Need To Know About The ECO-COVID GUARD Face Mask

The Eco-Covid Guard face Mask is an eco-friendly, anti-microbial and technologically advanced variant of the protective face masks being used to battle the ongoing pandemic known as, Covid-19.

Although it shares slight similarities in appearance with a regular face mask, it is no ordinary variant.

It has an Anti-Microbial exterior finish which comprises of silver ion technology. The sputtered silver nanocluster/silica-based coating was deposited on two disposable facial FFP3 masks (3M). the radio frequency co-sputtering process was performed in pure argon atmosphere, applying 200 W RF power on silica target and 3 or 5 W in DC on silver target obtaining coating with less (Ag5W) amount of silver nanocluster.

It is composed through the thorough Scanning of electron microscopy (Field Emission scanning Electron Microscope FESEM, QUANTA INSPECT 200, ZEISS SUPRATM 40) equipped with energy dispersive spectroscopy (ESD, EDAX PV 9900), and utilized to observe the morphology and to detect the composition (3 areas at 170 x of magnification) of the coating on mask fibre.

Features Include;

  1. Reusable
  2. Easy to wear
  3. Durable
  4. Flexible
  5. Stylish
  6. Medically approved
  7. Guaranteed protection
  8. 2 Alternate colours available.


4 Hameed Kasumu Street Idado Estate Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

+234 7082496134

+1 248 263 3001

[email protected]

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