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Apostle Suleman Reacts To Claims That He Has Been Allegedly Sleeping With Nollywood Actresses

On Sunday the blogger posted a list of no fewer than 30 female celebrities including Queen Nwokoye, Shan George, and Vivian Metchie who allegedly had an affair with the pastor.

Some actresses have taken to their social media pages to clear the allegation while have chosen to ignore it.

Reacting to the allegation actress Queen Nwokoye in a video posted on her Instagram page said that she would never sleep with a ‘man of God.

Queen wrote, “It is a Nigerian Thing to always assume that you know someone, you are sleeping with the person but that one concern una, I have met a lot of people, and I will meet more and I do not owe anyone any apologies for people I have met and associated with. Pastor Suleman is a good man.

“Nothing will make me deny knowing him. You choose the kind of relationship you want to have with someone and all friendships mustn’t end in bed. So if you have a problem with him, settle with him.

“Don’t recruit innocent people into your mess. I will never allow myself to be used to make Pastor Suleman look bad Periodddd”.

Another actress Georgina Onuoha also reacts to the allegation, she said “I have noticed merchants coming on my page to leave a stupid comment. I warn you if you bring you stupid to my page Ogun will kii you.

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She went on to curse those claiming she’s funded by men – first a governor and now a pastor.

Georgina Onuoha slams reports naming her as one of the Nollywood actresses who allegedly slept with Apostle Johnson Suleman

Meanwhile, Apostle Suleman has taken to his Twitter handle on Wednesday to call out the blogger claiming he was not moved by the list, adding that “the list is not long enough”.

The pastor said, “I have been busy with this crusade but I heard that they are dragging me on social media, that the man is diabolic. Diabolic kee you there. You want to drag me? We will drag ourselves.

“I’m being accused of knowing some people. These are people who come to my church. Should I deny my children because of what is being written? The list is not long enough. Make it 200.

“I am the one who will disappear from that blog. You attack politicians, you attack celebrities and you came for me. You have entered my trap.

“If you are brave, reveal your identity. You can’t be hiding. Reveal your identity, drop your address and let’s pay you a visit”.

See the video.


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