Bill Lee, Tennessee Governor Signs A Bill To Allow Residents Above The Age of 21 To Carry Short Guns

Bill Lee

Bill lee, The Governor of Tennessee has signed a law which would allow residents above the age of 21 to carry guns.

Bill signed this a few hours after Joe Biden, the U.S. President rolled out a series of executive orders aimed at reducing gun violence.

In a tweet, he said:

“I signed constitutional carry today because it shouldn’t be hard for law-abiding Tennesseans to exercise their (Second Amendment) rights,” Lee a Republican approaching his reelection campaign for 2022,”

If you recall before the pandemic started, Bill had proposed the National Rifle Association-backed legislation, but Lawmakers had to focus on the pandemic that was more important at the moment. However, upon their return this year, he brought it up again.

According to reports, the bill is slated to take effect from July 1 and it applies only to shortguns and not the long guns.

Washington posts says members of the military between 18 and 20 and adults above 21 are allowed to carry shortguns without permit.

There are also penalties included in the law, anyone who steals a firearm will now be incarcerated for 6 months awith exceptions to mentally ill people.

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