Breaking: Three-Years- Old Boy Goes Missing

David Ajao a three-year-old boy has gone missing while playing in front of his father’s shop at Dabara Street in the Apongbon, area of Lagos.

On Saturday november 13, the toddler, who is a Nursery one pupil of St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School, was reportedly abducted.

The boy’s mother, Airat Ajao, had left him and his older sister Daniella at their dad’s shop before leaving for her own shop.

Three-year-old boy goes missing in Lagos

 Mr Gbade Ajao the boy father said  said he noticed the boy had gone missing at about 6:30pm.

 “He just finished eating biscuits when he said he wanted to go play and I let him. I saw him playing right in front of the shop with some other kids in the street before I slept off in the shop.

“I was still sleeping when his sister, Daniella, who had just got back with their eldest sister from where they went to get fuel woke me up and asked me about the whereabouts of her brother.” he said.

Mr Ajao called on Lagosians and the police to help bring back his son.

Adekunle Ajisebutu the police spokesman said they will do everything possible to find the missing child.


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