Covid-19 update: Uk

The united Kingdom lowered its Coronavirus alert level from 4 to 3, that means transmission  of the virus is no longer high or rising unlike before.

The endorsement done by all four chief medical officers, could  ease some social distancing measures.

 They also cautioned that the pandemic was not over.

The United Kingdom has been at level 4 and the now  shift to level 3 means that Covid-19 is now considered to be “in general circulation”, with threat level decreasing from “severe” to “substantial”

The UK’s chief medical officers said levels of infection meant there were still likely to be localised outbreaks of the disease in the country.

given time.

And the  latest snapshot infection survey from the Office for National

Statistics-estimated that 33,000 people in the community in The UK had The virus at any one time between 31 May and 13 June, almost the same number as the previous week’s figures.

And only last week, in the country the R number, which measures transmission rates, was hovering just below 1.

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