Daddy Freeze Weighs In On Dr Dre and Nicole’s Divorce Saga

The former couple revealed they were divorcing in June 2020 with Nicole citing irreconcilable differences as the reason behind the couple’s split. 

The divorce saga between Dr Dre and Nicole Young has been the hit news around social media in the past few weeks.

However, Daddy freeze took to social media to emphasize that a lot of women are suffering in their marriages and are stuck while a lot of men are also stuck in bad marriages because of the cost od divorce.

He said:

”Many women are suffering, yet stuck in bad marriages here in Nigeria.
Abroad, in many instances it’s the other way around; many men are stuck in bad marriages because of the heavy settlement payouts and the costs of divorce.

Dr Dre’s wife asking for $2 million a month is a clear example…. What’s he going to be left with in 5 years?

Cut the “she supported his career” bullshit! did she produce the damn hit songs with him?
This is why many men in America stay in dead marriages.

I’m here to bring a balance to the narrative, not turn women into agents of oppression and men into victims, please let’s be guided. ”

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