Dangote Advises FG To Ban Maize Export Over Imminent Scarcity

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has advised the Federal Government to temporarily ban the export of maize to other countries.

The billionaire businessman who founded the Dangote Group made the call due to fears of the scarcity of maize and wheat globally. He said at the 4th Annual Nigerian Food and Nutrition Leader Forum.

Russia and Ukraine together account for around 30 percent of internationally traded wheat. The majority of the wheat is moved from Black seaports to Africa and the Middle East.

Dangote said the shortage of fertilizer would affect the production of cereals like maize and wheat globally.

Ukraine and Russia account for 13 percent and two percent of all exported corn respectively.

Dangote said,

 “There will be a shortage of wheat, maize and a lot of products because as we speak now Russia and Ukraine do almost 30 percent of the world’s area and 26 percent of the world’s potash — and phosphate also, there are one of the largest in the world.

“There would be a scarcity of food generally, we would not be able to access fertilizers going forward, we would not see the effects now, but in the next two, three months. The US will not be able to do the same number of tonnage they did last year because of this.

“Right now, you would start seeing people exporting maize to earn foreign exchange, which I think we need to stop so that we don’t create a shortage, and we need to make sure we grow more so we don’t have a shortage. It is about food security, and it is very serious.”

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