Delegation was sent by President Buhari from Abuja to access the situation after schoolboys were kidnapped in a state he was in – Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni Instagram comedian, has lashed out at President Buhari over the way he has handled the abduction of over 333 schoolboys from a school in Kankara community of Katsina state. 

The Instagram comedian who wondered how gunmen could kidnap schoolboys in a state the President is in, faulted the President for sending delegates from Abuja to access the situation in same state he is in. 

Mr Macaroni tweeted; 

Omo!! I woke up this morning and I have been thinking deeply!! How can Gunmen kidnap 330 School Children ( or even more ) in the same state that the President is in?? Then the President still had to send a delegation from Abuja to access the situation??? Haaaaaa

The comedian also lashed out at State Governors who he accused of looting the treasury. Mr Macaroni added; 

Let us leave the President on one side first sef… what of your state Governors?? Most of them are just looting their state treasury dry and no one is asking any questions!! Road wey dem go collect hundreds of millions to fix, dem no go fix am!! Awon Ole!! Shameless looters!!

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