Eid-el Kabir: NASFAT Congratulates Muslims, Enjoins All Nigerians To Embrace Peace.


Nasiru lahil Li Fatih society NASFAT, a faith-based organization, has joined Nigerians and other Muslims around the world in celebrating Eid-ul-Kabir.

President of NASFAT Alh. Olaniyi Yusuf, congratulated all Muslims and thanks Allah for allowing them to witness this year’s Eid. He stated that this time period has been described as the best of days in Allah’s eyes. “There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days,” our Prophet Muhammad (saw) said. [Bukhari]

According to him, the last of these 10 days is the Eid day where we observe the Eid prayer, listen to the sermon, sacrifice animals and feed the needy.

He said the situation in the world calls for sober reflections and there is need for us to take heed from the life lessons of one of the great personalities this festival is revolved around, Prophet Ibrahim, who alluded to the importance of security of lives and properties when he said: “O my Lord, make this city one of peace and security (Q14:35).

In his message, NASFAT Chief Missioner, Imam Abdul Azeez Onike said the deen of Islam attaches importance to safety of lives and properties. To underscore this fact, Salat, as compulsory and structured as we know it, is allowed to be done in a special way different from the normal situation, in peculiar moments, so as not to compromise safety of lives and properties.

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