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Elozonam Talk Diane’s Ultimate Betrayal-BBNaija

Catch the highlights from the latest episode of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show.

Speculations initiated by show host, Ebuka insinuated that Diane and Elozonam had quite their relationship because of a popular actor, Mawuli Gavor.

In the latest episode, the former lovebirds each gave bridged and unabridged versions involving the infamous actor Mawuli Gavor and how his presence perplexed whatever happily ever after the potential was there.

The Ultimate Sacrifice’s of Jackye

Most people in abusive relationships always have excuses for staying in it and though Jackye’s wasn’t exactly abusive, she said that her heart had been stabbed too many times. So why did she remain his numero even after noticing his womanizing ways?

The former housemate said during this episode she wanted to teach the female audience the reality of relationships as opposed to the fairy tale stories propagated by movies and society. So had questioned her intellectuality, so what? Post Big Brother’s house, the tech queen broke things off with her long-time boyfriend and has revealed she is moving on to healthier relationships in the future. ”Cheers to mental health and safe spaces”!

After a few scathing comments between former housemates, Elozonam and Diane, the former took the reins with an unabridged version of what went down at the show’s finale party.

Elozonam stated how before the party, he had questioned a suspicious call between Diane and the mysterious Mawuli Gavor and she admitted to him how she was struggling to go clean while he was still a part of her life.

It turned out that cleanliness wasn’t top on Diane’s priorities as Elozonam dug up more dirt and had found out that she invited Mawuli Gavor to the party and left him waiting in his car as she drove off with her dark-skinned knight, and this move broke and buried his camel.

Asides a few defensive moves including admitting to being unable to resist Mawuli Gavor’s manliness, Diane pretty much had nothing to say about the unfaithful night.

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