Ending Ordeal Of Motorists On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway


THE governments of Lagos and Ogun states, along with the Federal Government, must sit up in their law enforcement responsibility, particularly as it concerns the Lagos end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

If the importance of this national road artery is often lost on the citizenry, it must not be so with those who are governing us. This is the single most important road corridor in the country, as it is the main trunk through which people arriving and leaving Lagos, our commercial capital, use. 

As Lagos is also the main feed-pipe through which we move our imports and exports, including petroleum products, no sensible government will allow anything to hinder traffic on that artery.

But unfortunately, regular users of that road always resign to fate when embarking on journeys because almost anything and anyone can choose to block the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway through acts of commission or omission. Long ago, commuters were at the mercy of religious groups which chose to punish the rest of humanity whenever they had their periodical retreats.

As the public has breathed a sigh of relief now that that nightmare has become a thing of the past, another nightmare has replaced it. During the just-concluded Sallah celebration, ram and cow sellers and buyers chose Kara Bridge area of the Lagos-Ibadan Express as the venue of their buying and selling. 

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