Ex-South Korean President, Roh Tae Woo Dies At 88

Former South Korean president, Roh Tae Woo has died at the aged of 88, according to his aides.

According to the reports, Roh, who served as president from 1988 to 1993, was recently admitted to hospital after his health deteriorated.

The coup filled a power vacuum created by the death of former authoritarian President Park Chung Hee.

As pro-democracy rallies spread massively across the nation in 1987, Roh accepted calls for a direct presidential system and was elected president later that year through a direct vote.

In 1996, Roh and Chun were convicted of corruption and mutiny for their role in the 1979 military coup and in the brutal crackdown on the 1980 pro-democracy uprising in the south-western city of Gwangju.

Roh was sentenced to 17 years in prison and faced around 260 billion won (223 million dollars) in fines.

He was pardoned in 1997.


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