Ezee Greater is Your Name by Min. Linos Man-Jeey

Minister Linos Man-Jeey a Zimbabwean minister based in Middleburg Mpumalanga province, South Africa, happily married. He is a fulltime gospel Minister ready to share his worship experience with the world. He believes that worship can change lives and that miracles can happen through worship. One of his greatest fulfillment is to see that every lives under the sun is changed by all means through the call of God (The Christ) upon his life.

The song “Ezee greater is your name” was written and sang by Minister Linos Man-Jeey in the year 2020. The song ministers about giving praise to the most high no matter how hard or painful a man’s situation may be. “Ezee greater is you name” is a song you invoke like the psalms when you want the Lord to take charge of your family and life as the Great God he is. The song was inspired by the Holy Ghost to all the nations of the earth.

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In times of troubles
in times of pain Ezee
i call upon your name
when my heart is broken
when my life is like a ship
which is sinking down Ezee
I call upon your name
in times of pain
In my times sorrows
Say Ezee greater is your name

Ezee greater is your name .
Take charge of my family
Take charge of my life
Ezee I give it all to you
Take charge of my family
Take charger of my life
Ezee I surrender all.
I give it all to you
I give it all to you
My life I give it to you
Ezee greater is your name.

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