Family Gives Youngest Daughter As Payment To Man Who Wanted To Marry Elder One

A woman has revealed how a family in Eleme, Rivers State, paid back a man who had helped the family financially while hoping to marry their daughter.

The man is said to have built a house for the family of his love interest. He also sorted out most of the family’s financial problems.

 However, when it was time to marry the girl, the girl decided she wanted to be a model and moved abroad with a white man.

 The man threatened to demolish the house he built for the family. As a way to appease him, the family of the lady gave the man their younger daughter to him as a bride.

She wrote: “A guy in Eleme built a house for his girl’s family. Carried the whole family in his shoulders. Time for marriage she said she wants to become a model. Left him and followed one white guy to Paris. Baba said he would demolish the house. Family pleaded and gave him her younger sister to marry.”


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