Have You Ever Wondered The Difference Between The Hausas And The Fulani?

Although the majority of the Hausa and Fulani population which are two different ethnic groups is concentrated in Northern Nigeria, there is still a difference between the both of them that people tend not to look at.

These two ethnic groups are found in and around the centers of Sokoto, Kano, and Katsina which were important market centers on the southern section of the trans-Saharan caravan trade routes in the past.

Before the advent of the Fulani, the Hausa had established well-organized city-states. These states included Katsina, Daura, Kano Zazzau (Zaria), Biram, Gobir, and Borno.

Some of these were however conquered and re-established by the Fulani. A few other kingdoms such as Katagum, Hadejia, and Gombe were then founded.

The difference between them is their looks, they do not look alike, and nor do they practice the same religion.

Fulanis are mostly light-skinned, lanky with long hair. They practice the whipping of a suitor before his bride as part of their marriage requirement, this aided monogamy amongst them.

Fulanis are also nomads while the Hausas are good merchants. The Hausa are typically intolerant to the languages of others around them and are highly conservative. Their marriage is less demanding hence, they are given to polygamy with a high divorce rate.

Sometimes, the Fulanis see themselves as superiors since they produce most of the emirs in the and are the vanguards of Islam in Nigeria.


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