Helicopter Bombs Fuel Depot In Russia And Putin’s Aide Accuses Ukraine

Russia’s regional governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, has accused the Ukrainian army of bombing a fuel depot in Belgorod.

“There was a fire at the petrol depot because of an airstrike carried out by two Ukrainian army helicopters, who entered Russian territory at a low altitude,” Gladkov said on Friday.

But Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, refused to confirm or deny the incident.

“I can neither confirm nor reject the claim that Ukraine was involved in this simply because I do not possess all the military information,” he said to reporters.

This is the latest as the conflict by Russian forces in Ukraine’s territory crosses over a month since it began on February 24.

But the Russian oil firm Rosneft had said that even though there was a fire incident, no life was lost.

Russia had said it will never stop its offensive until Ukraine is demilitarized and its current government toppled.

But the United States alongside European countries is fully behind Ukraine and has provided financial and military support.


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