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Does Smoking Trigger Hair Loss?

Majority of smokers were diagnosed with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia.

Smoking Tobacco can allegedly damage your hair follicles and increase your risk of developing hair loss.

Cigarette smoking can damage your immune system, which can lead to diseases or illnesses that cause hair loss. The hair naturally needs oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to be healthy but smoking of cigarettes can prevent such from reaching the hair.

Cigarettes contain 7000 chemicals and, 70 of them are carcinogenic; it is no wonder that cigarettes can lead to hair loss.

Smoking also affects the circulation of blood in your body and causes your blood vessels to be blocked by plaque, (a clot-like substance that blocks blood flow to your arteries).

Researchers have long speculated cigarette smoke may accelerate hair loss and premature graying. The association was largely attributed to toxins in smoke that can harm hair follicles and damage hormones. 

Hair follicles need oxygen, nutrients and minerals to produce healthy hair. The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke can take a toll on your circulation, shrinking blood vessels and impeding blood flow. When your follicles don’t receive the blood they need for nourishment, the hair growth cycle is interrupted. The hair growth cycle consists of four phases: the growth (anagen) phase, the transitional (catagen) phase, the resting (telogen) phase and the shedding (exogen) phase. Any interruptions to this cycle can lead to noticeable hair loss.


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