How University Of London Laid Foundation For My Greatness — Afe Babalola

The nonagenarian revealed this in Ado Ekiti while receiving the British Deputy High Commissioner in Nigeria, Ben-Llewellyn Jones, who was on an official visit to the institution.

Babalola who traced the success of his early life to Britain, narrated that, ” I was once a farm boy, with no intention of going to school.

 ”It was a British missionary who came to visit my father that persuaded him to send me to school.

“I owe everything I became after primary six to the University of London.

“I grew up on the farm. I love farming. I thought it was the best ever. My ambition when I was growing up was to work for my father.

” And later, I inherited part of his farmland and implements, but nature has something better in stock for me through the British.

“The University of London which I was to later attend at that time established an External Degree Programme throughout the British Empire.

” It enabled students including me to study at home up to degree levels

“The quality of education I received helped me to pass my GCE ‘O’ Level, GCE ‘A’ Level, B. SC (Economics) from same University of London in 1959 and my LL.B in 1963.” he said.

He also added “From the above, my university, ABUAD is indirectly a product of what the University of London stands for.

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” In fact, the University of London once referred to ABUAD as one of the reasons it awarded the LL.D to me.“So, it can be inferred that ABUAD is an extension of the University of London,”.

He asked the British Government to be more closer and interested in ABUAD’s affairs, more than the United States Government had reportedly done in recent years.

Babalola said

“When the US Consul-General, Jeffery Hawkins visited ABUAD when the institution was barely three years old.

“He recommended the university to the American Government to grant it the automatic right to participate in the Fulbright Exchange Programme.

” This was even when the practice was for universities to first apply and keenly contest for the programme.

“Also, recently on June 24, Dr Gerald Smith, the Regional Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, US Department, was in ABUAD.

” At the end of his visit, said he would be going back home to America as an ABUAD Ambassador,”. 

Jones said he was impressed by what he saw at the University, as well as the catalogue of accomplishments recorded by the institution within it’s 12 years of establishment.

” one particular area where students of the institution could benefit was facilitating scholarships, which comes with many packages.

” This would be for those who had completed their degree programmes and are willing to further their education in U.K universities.”the envoy said.


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