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A fresh sound from Hydee Anie. BÈÈNI O (Yes o) is a total remake of the popular evergreen “I’m trading my sorrow” rebirthed with a feel of the African sound and soothing melodies. 2020 been such an adventurous year, this sound is aimed at encouraging everyone to trade their dark experiences for the joy of the Lord, a joy that can only be found in his presence.

Hydee Anie whose full name is Idongesit Anietie is a Gospel Minstrel who hails from Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria. Born on the 6th of June 1996, Hydee Anie is a very much gifted singer/songwriter.
His sound and ministry are grounded in the light of the accurate and undiluted person of God. A ministry so themed on Love, peace, hope and a home in Christ Jesus have endeared him to the hearts of many already and still to come.

BÈÈNI O will bless you massively.

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Just believe o
You will surely laugh at last
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

  • VERSE 1 –
    Mama trade your sorrows
    Papa trade your pain
    Kuku lay them down for the joy of the Lord
    Sister trade your sickness
    Brother trade your pain and your fears
    Kuku lay them down for the joy of the Lord
  • CHORUS (Hydee Anie) –
    Bèèni o, bèèni
    Bèèni o oh oh uh yeah
    Bèèni o, bèèni
    Bèèni o oh oh uh yeah yeah

(Ah ah ah ah ah ah uh…)
I am basking in your mercy
I know that you will come through uh oh oh

  • VERSE 2 –
    You are pressed not cursed
    Persecuted not abandoned
    Struck down but not destroyed
    You dey blessed beyond the curse
    Him mercy dey sure
    And him joy go dey give you strength
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The sorrow fit to last for a while
But joy go come in the morning
So true, the sorrow fit to tey
Trust me him joy go surely come…

  • CHORUS) –
    Bèèni o, bèèni
    Bèèni ooo
    Bèèni o, bèèni
    Bèèni o, yes Lord
  • BRIDGE –
    There is only one place
    That I can find my peace o
    In the presence of the Lord (Uh uh uh uh uh)

(Uh uh uh uh uh)
So trade your sorrow! Wow!
So trade your pain!
Give it all for the joy of the Lord
Be ye encouraged my brother
Oh oh oh oh

The joy of the Lord, joy of the Lord
Settles everything
We totally trust you, Lord


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