Important Documents You Can’t Get Without National Identification Number

As a matter of fact, All citizens and legal residents in Nigeria starting from age zero (birth) and above are advised to register for their NIN.

It is very important for every Nigerian to get it because according to the Nigerian government, National identification number is what they use to tie together all the records about individuals in the country.

This includes the demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial photo, biometric data and digital signature for the National Identity Database that make it easy to confirm and verify someone’s identity.

You would have heard that the Nigerian communications commission on December 2020 make it compulsory for every Sim users to update their record using the NIN.

They even issued a two-week deadline to disconnect any Sim user who will not follow the directive.

Apart from the SIM registration, What do Nigerians need NIN for?
They can use NIN to gain access to many services from Government Social services, Voters Card Registration, Issuance and renewal of International Passport, Bank Account Opening and Reactivations to consular services for Nigerian Embassies and Mission abroad and others.

How does it work?
Bank Account opening: If you visit any Nigerian bank to open a new account, you will be asked to tender your NIN.

If you don’t provide your NIN to the Nigerian bank of your choice then the account won’t be opened for you.

Even if you want to reactivate your account, you still need to provide your NIN.

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