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I’ve Never Seen by Chidi Perpy@chidiperpy

Amazing Gospel Singer and Song Writer CHIDI PERPY Releases new electrifying worship Song title ‘ I’VE NEVER SEEN’

After her debut single in October 2019
Chidi perpy is out with a powerful worship song I’ve never seen In this song she explained the incomparable nature of God using a sweet blend of English and Igbo.
In this song the God who is in the habit of taking nobody and making him somebody without consulting anybody is praised and worshipped.
This powerful song will stir you to another dimension of worship as you sing and dance to this tune may the incomparable God cause impossibilities to become possible in your life.
Cc.Chidi perpy
Cc.Love and care koncept
Cc. Ay chords


Lyrics to I’ve Never Seen by Chidiperpy:-

ah ah ah …. ah aha aaaaa haaa aaaa

I have gone many places in life.
I’ve searched East, West, North and South
Lord I’ve seen no one to compare unto you God.
I’ve searched but I found none.
I’ve looked but I see none
‘Cos nobody can compare unto you God.
Omniscience God!
Science are still asking you Papa!
where do you lay the foundation of this earth?
Because they’ve searched but they found none
They’ve looked but they see none
They don’t know foundation of this earth is
in your words
You said instead not for my words to come
to pass
Let heaven and earth disappear!
Ide Ji uwa nilie onweghe onwe yiri gi.
N’eligwe, n’uwa na- okpuru uwa daddy
I’ve never seen anyone like you.
In Heaven and on Earth,
Beneath the Earth above the Earth daddy
None Can compare unto you
You’re the Incomparable God

Jesus moo
After you is you
Chukwu ji aka biri onwe ya
chi di ebube
chimoo chimo ee daddy moo
chidimma le le
I’ve never seen anyone like you
none compare unto Jesus
because you’re incomparable
onye ga emenwu otu isi eme?
Onye ga ekwuenu otu isi ekwu?

Am talking about God that made way in the
The same God that prepared food for his
They called it manna
He gave it to them in the wilderness
They ate and they were filled
No God has done it in the past not now and
not ever.
Pharaoh will tell you more about this God oo
Herod will tell you more about this king oo
Nebuchadnezzar after his sojourn came back
and say
The only true God none no one like you.
You are in the habit of taking nobody
You make him somebody daddy
Without consulting anybody
Impossibilities are made possible in you
only you you you you you you chimeee
Onye ga ekwunu ma ekwucha?
Chineke m onye ga – emenu ma emecha?
Onye ga-emenwu ihe ina-eme
Okwagi ide ji ndu muee

Have you seen?
I’ve never seen
Have you heard?
I’ve never heard
I’ve never seen anyone like you Jesus
{R} I’ve never seen anyone like you
Have you seen?
I’ve never seen
Have you heard?
I’ve never heard
I’ve never seen anyone like you in all the
{R} I’ve never seen anyone like you
Continue chorus
Adlibs till end

@Chidi Perpy
@Love and care koncept
@ Ay chords


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