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JUST IN: 21-Year-Old Woman Forced To Dig Her Own Grave Before Being Killed And Buried In Brazil

Before being shot dead and buried on a beach, a 21-year-old woman was forced to dig her own grave.

 On Friday, December 3,Amanda Albach’s body was dug by Police officers at Irapiruba Norte de Laguna, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

The corpse was uncovered a day after three people, two men and a woman were arrested.

It was reported that one of them revealed where the 21-year-old was killed. The suspect is also alleged to have admitted making the deceased dig her own grave before gunning her down on November 15, over comments she made about him dealing drugs.

Albach was last seen a day earlier when she attended a party in the nearby city of Florianopolis. The resident of Fazenda Rio Grande, Curitiba, had travelled to Santa Catarina with a couple of friends to attend a friend’s birthday party.

Police chief Bruno Fernandes said;

‘It was this bond that brought her to this house in Santa Catarina. She came to celebrate this person’s birthday.’

Michael Pinheiro, Ms Albach’s family lawyer, added ‘These friends of hers said they left the party and had not seen her again.’

Police found ‘inconsistencies in the statements’ which raised suspicions regarding the involvement of people at the party in her disappearance. It was also learnt that the young woman last sent an audio message to her parents on the night of November 15.

‘She sent a message to her parents, around 8.40pm, saying that she would return to Fazenda Rio Grande at dawn.

‘Since then, there has been no more news of her. The cell phone is off, and Amanda never accessed WhatsApp again.’Pinheiro added.

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Fernandes said;

‘One of those investigated felt uncomfortable because he realised that Amanda had told third parties that he was involved in drug trafficking.’

The police chief said the deceased reportedly took a photograph of the unnamed suspect holding a gun and sent it to people. According to Fernandes, the suspect ‘did not like this situation and therefore decided to take her life.’

Investigation is ongoing. It is currently unclear if the three suspects, who have not been named, have been charged.



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