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Kaduna Governor Vows To Sack Kaduna Lecturers Involved In ASUU Strike

On Wednesday, July 27, Governor Nasir El-Rufai vowed to sack all Kaduna State University (KASU) lecturers who are currently observing the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike which began in February.

El-Rufai who spoke in a radio interview on Wednesday asked the lecturers to return to classrooms to avoid having their positions declared vacant.

He said that KASU lecturers had no reason to join any strike as ASUU had problems with the federal government, not the state government. 

The governor also said that he has directed that the salaries of lecturers on strike be stopped.

“The Acting Vice Chancellor has assured me that they will resume but I have asked them to find out if they actually resumed work because I initially instructed that their salary be stopped. But I was later told they didn’t join the strike so I asked that it should be investigated and those who collected salary and joined the strike will be asked to refund the salary.

“This is because Nigeria’s law says ‘no work, no pay. This is the law. So whoever joined the strike will not be paid a salary. We have been telling the KASU Lecturers that they have no problem with the State government. ASUU’s problem is with the Federal government, therefore why will our staff who have no problems with us join the strike?

“If this continues, I will wake up one day to sack them all, I swear to God. We will sack them all and declare their positions vacant on the pages of the newspaper. They once did the same thing and we gave them a warning, now they repeated it. I’m only waiting to receive the report from the commissioner for education. I swear to God, we will sack all those that joined the strike if they refuse to resume work,” he said.

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