King of Boys: The “Return of the King”, First Official Nigeria Netflix Trailer.

The Nigeria’s First Accepted Official Netflix Trailer out Now!!

Eniola Salami
The “Return of the King”, First Official Nigeria Netflix’s Trailer Series (King of Boys) built on a widely famous political drama set in Lagos State is out now!!

The Nigeria’s first accepted official Netflix trailer series opens up with a dramatic question, which was put up by a reporter to fearless political operative, Eniola Salami, the Show’s Lead Character: “Madam, why do they call you , the King of Boys?” he asks.

The answer was initially set in the King of Boys, a hugely successful 2018 movie produced by Nigeria filmmaker Kemi Adetiba.

From there, Salami is said to be a generalized businesswoman who belongs to a clique of plunderers. The movie portrayed the dark behind-the-scenes machinations of politics in Nigeria, and however, resonated with viewers in the months leading up to the 2019 general elections.

It became even more popular after becoming available on Netflix platform in September that same year.

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