Korede Olayinka Frowns At Female Genital Mutilation and Domestic Violence In New Movie

The campaign against Zero Tolerance To Female Genital Mutilation and  Domestic Violence has been ongoing for a while. The massive advocacy against these societal ill is well circulated over African above the line and below the line media and channel of communication.   Domestic violence includes physical abuse, psychological abuse, threat and a host of others while Female Genital Mutilation is the cutting off of female external genitalia in tribal circumcision. The United Nations Organization in her Sustainable Development Goals made a provision for total eradication of Female Genital Mutilation.

    Individuals, Non governmental organizations, Pressure groups, peer groups and religious groups has greatly helped in putting a final stop to this evil.

   Korede Olayinka is one of the well meaning Nigerians who has been consistent in the fight against Female Genital mutilation and Domestic Violence .   Korede is preoccupied by the  total eradication of this barbaric act from our society through his movies.

  Korede Olayinka is a distinguished Nigerian film maker  whose work has cut accrosss the ocean and whose messages has been punchy on Zero Tolerance to Domestic Violence and Female Genital Mutilation using his movies as a channel of communication to his large audience.

   ‘’ I was born and raised in a ghetto in the heart of Ibadan, Nigeria, This really help me in developing my stories, almost every stories of mine were inspired by true life events because a lot happened in my place of birth while growing up’’.

    He was inspired  by a documentary film produced by Ty Bello characterized by an 80 year old woman who owns a motherless home that catered for hundreds of children. Korede said ‘’ I was touched seeing this video, I felt empty, that as old as the woman was, she was still giving back to the society regardless she is not rich. Since then, I decided to use my God given talents to help my society and the world at large’’.

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  His new movie titled ‘’Tiwa’’ speaks about Female Genital Mutilation, Domestic Violence and serial killing. Tiwa was shot in Yoruba Language, one of the indigenous language spoken in Nigeria.

    He gave a final note to every aspiring Nigerian never to give up on their dreams, achieving ones dream may tarry but through strict adherence to the dignity of labour, it shall come to limelight one day.

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